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“Kingessays” by Dixie Deutsch is an interesting new novel by an author with quite a bit of experience. The book was initially released in the fall of 2020 as a limited edition, but it is now available in a more widespread release. review

Kingessays Review – Book Review

Kingessays is a fast paced, and entertaining novel. The first chapter is very interesting and sets the tone for the entire story. Dixie Deutsch tells the story of an American single mother who, while on vacation, falls in love with a Russian, and becomes pregnant.

Despite the book’s title, this is not your typical romantic story. While the author does have some nice moments throughout, most of the story deals with issues dealing with race, class, sex, and even religion.

The American woman in this story has been divorced and left with a small child. When she falls for a wealthy Russian businessman, her life turns upside down.

The American family, including her son, and husband are torn apart by the fact that she was once married to another man. There are some strong issues regarding her son, as well. The mother feels that she is a burden to her daughter, and that she should leave the country. However, the father wants to protect his son and wishes to stay.

As the story progresses, the reader sees that the mother is slowly starting to realize that her decision may be the wrong one. She is torn between a desire to leave and fear for her son’s safety.

Despite the author’s background in the publishing industry, the book is quite successful. It offers some good advice on how to handle family issues, as well as how to deal with the stress involved with raising children alone. This is a fun book that is both entertaining and informative.

This is a book that everyone can enjoy, whether you are reading it for the first time or not. I really liked the story and found myself rooting for the character in the end. Overall, I recommend “Kingessays.” to those who have issues relating to race, sex, or class, or religion.

I also liked the story because it deals with different aspects of human relationships. While many romance stories deal solely with romance, Kingessays is a story about dealing with everyday problems. It offers some good tips to deal with issues relating to raising children, the role of religion, and even how to deal with issues with a broken marriage.

The author has included her book review sites on her website. This makes it easy for people to find out more about her work. Even if they don’t read the book, they can find out where they can get the latest reviews. Or other resources about her book.

I think the book is a good choice for anyone who is looking for a lighter read. There are some interesting issues in here, but the main theme remains the same – making a decision that you regret. May be right for your situation.

In conclusion, “Kingessays” is a fun, easy read. It offers a unique take on what would normally be considered traditional romantic themes. While it isn’t the most romantic book ever written, it is a quick read with some good advice.

If you are looking for a light romantic story with a twist, “Kingessays” is worth a try. It is well worth the price of admission.

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